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There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare. In a world with endless skincare products, with various prices and ingredients, caring for your skin appropriately can be confusing and challenging. Each person’s skin is very unique and deserves a personalized Skincare plan that addresses his/her distinct skin needs. A 30-minute consultation with one of our specialists will help you understand more about your specific skin needs. We will perform an analysis of your skin, evaluate your current routine and skincare products, and formulate a personalized daily skin routine based on your individual skin needs.

When you purchase our 30-minute virtual skincare consultation, we will discuss your skincare goals, analyze and evaluate your skin condition. After your consultation, we will send you an email with a customized skincare routine tailored to your needs.

Questions we will ask on our online skin consultation may include:

What are your aesthetic goals?

We know you want smooth, radiant, and firm skin. Naturally, this skin type comes with attention to a skincare regimen, regular treatments, and the perfect foundation. But, sometimes, it is just luck and good genes.

We will help you improve the look of your skin for a firmer, hydrated, and more youthful appearance. However, these results do take time. If you have scarring from acne and want scars removed, it may not be something that we can fix in a few weeks before a big event.

Are you taking any medications, supplements, or vitamins?

We know this is a personal question, but sometimes we need to check if you are on medication that triggers acne breakouts and other skin issues. For example, your skin condition could be linked to your prescription drug if you take birth control pills, steroids for asthma, thyroid, anti-seizure, immunosuppressants, and depression medications. In our online skin consultation, we discuss if your medications cause skin issues.

What are your regular diet and your water intake?

If your clients aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day, signs of aging may start to appear sooner than they want. In addition, loving your skin from the inside out helps clients get the results they want from treatments. Glowing, hydrated skin is the byproduct of a healthy diet and adequate hydration. A thorough discussion of hydration issues on an online skincare consultation will give you the big picture.

What is your current skincare regimen?

Your online skincare consultation should also include what your clients are doing now for their skincare. For example, ask about sun protection, using serums, or do they need a unique facial. A virtual skin consultation should be in-depth, so you get a good idea of what needs to be done for your client.

During a virtual skincare consultation, the aesthetician’s goal is to learn about their client’s skincare habits.

Is your skin usually dry, normal, or oily?

Through our virtual skincare consultation, we can determine the scope of the work needed in a facial or a peel. For example, the oilier the skin, the more needs to be done to break through the oily layer.

During the virtual skin consultation, the aesthetician’s goal is to help you take the guesswork out of your skincare. They will perform a 7-point analysis to help determine what skincare practice is the best for you. The consultation is also a great way to get to know your client. So when the client does make an appointment and come in, you will already be a step ahead.

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