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We offer three different grade chemical peels: REVEPEEL® Fresh, REEPEEL®, and ENLIGHTEN™. Dermal peels:
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots, and sun damage.
  • Help clean up scars and acne.
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, and decrease pores to give you a fresh young complexion.
REVEPEEL® is a medium-depth peel that is safe, effective, and virtually painless. Years of damage are removed, and beautiful skin is revealed in just seven days.

ENLIGHTEN™ Depigmentation System is a deep prescription skin exfoliating and lightening system that includes an in-person treatment and a 28 day home care regimen.

Skin peels are skin-resurfacing treatments. Depending on the issues you have, you can choose a chemical peel in three depths.

A light chemical peel Los Angeles or superficial peel eliminates the outer layer of your skin (epidermis). It is applied to treat fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, and dryness. You can have a light chemical peel two to five weeks apart.

A medium peel removes skin cells from your epidermis (top layer) and portions of the upper part of your second layer of skin (dermis). A medium peel treats wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne scars. A medium peel might need to be repeated to maintain your desired look.

A deep chemical peel Los Angeles removes skin cells down deep into your skin. You may need a deep chemical peel for scars or pre-cancerous growths. A deep chemical peel uses carbonic acid (phenol), which may damage the heart muscle and cause your heart to beat irregularly. Phenol can also harm the liver and kidneys.

After a chemical peel, your skin will be red, tight, and possibly swollen. Follow your professional aesthetician’s directions for cleaning, sun protection, moisturizing, and using other serums on your skin. Try not to pick, rub, or scratch your skin.

  • Before you have a chemical peel in Los Angeles, you may need to:
  • Use an antiviral medication to prevent any infections.
  • Use a retinoid cream for a few weeks to help with healing.
  • Use a bleaching agent like hydroquinone or a retinoid cream to reduce side effects
  • Do not go to a tanning bed or out in the sun since unprotected sun exposure to avoid permanent irregular pigmentation in treated areas.
  • Avoid electrolysis or depilatories, hair dying treatments, facial masks, or facial scrubs for about a week before the peel.
  • Make sure you have a ride home.

Light chemical peels in Los Angles use a brush or sponge to apply a chemical solution to your skin. Your treated skin will begin to whiten. However, you may feel mild stinging while the chemical solution is on your skin. A neutralizing solution will be used to remove the chemical solution from your treated skin.

A medium peel uses gauze to apply a chemical solution with trichloroacetic acid. Your skin will begin to whiten. After a few minutes, a cool compress is used to soothe treated skin. You will not need neutralizing solutions. However, you may feel stinging and burning for 20 minutes.

A deep chemical peel requires intravenous fluids, and your heart rate will be monitored. A cotton ball will be used to apply carbolic acid to your skin. Treated skin will turn white or gray. To limit exposure to phenol, the procedure is done in portions of about 15 minutes intervals. Deep chemical peels Los Angeles on the entire face can take about 90 minutes.

Chemical peels will not remove deep scars or tighten sagging skin.


Chemical peels hasten the peeling of your old skin cells and revive the fibers of your skin. Chemical peels are popular and do work to revitalize your skin.

Chemical solutions are applied to your skin to remove layers of skin. The skin that grows back is smoother. It does take several weeks to feel completely healed, especially if you are undergoing a deep chemical peel.

Chemical peels are a cosmetic, voluntary treatment. Insurance does usually cover the cost of cosmetic procedures.

A light chemical peel takes about 1 to seven days to heal. You will need o use sunscreen, and lotion or cream can be applied until your skin heals.

Medium peels take about seven to 14 days, and skin will be red and swollen. Follow your aesthetician’s instructions to apply ointment and soak your skin. Avoid the sun until your skin heals.

A deep peel will take about 14 to 21 days to heal, and areas will be bandaged. You will need to use daily soaks, ointment, and use thick moisturizer as directed.


Chemical Peels

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