Nose Contour

Nose Contour

Using fillers, the appearance of the nose can be enhanced and contoured without invasive rhinoplasty surgery. A wide range of nose contouring can be addressed with fillers – bumps, asymmetry, flat bridge, drooping tip, and much more.

Cosmetic fillers like Restylane or Juvederm are injected into your nose to give it a sculpted, straight, and more refined shape. Non-surgical nose contouring does not permanently alter the size and shape of your nose. However, if you have a bump on the bride of the nose, curvature on the sides of your nose, or need an adjustment to a previous surgical nose job, nose contour with fillers can be a great answer.

It does take from one to two weeks for nose fillers to settle into their new contour. Recovery time depends on the types of fillers used, areas of treatment, and your skin types. The risks for nose contour fillers are very minimal when used by an inexperienced injector.

When you use a nose filler, downtime is minimal. When the procedures are completed, you might see light needle marks and redness around the treated areas. Some side effects can include bruising and swelling. These side effects usually resolve within a few days after the treatments.

Nose contouring takes about 15-20 minutes and takes just a few injections to the center of the nose, bridge, and tip. Gentle massaging is done to even out the filler and to soothe any discomfort. Topical numbing creams and anesthetic agents are used with the fillers to numb the treated areas. Numbing solutions mean there is little to no pain when a nose contour treatment using filler is employed.


Facial fillers are usually made from hyaluronic acid and are used to contour cheeks, chins, and jawlines, and can be used to contour your nose.

Usually, you can see results of filler right after treatments. The product settles over about five to seven days, depending on the treatment you have had done. Give yourself a minimum of two weeks before you see real results.

Non-surgical nose fillers and contouring can last up to two years. It is dependent on the brand of the filler.

You may see swelling and bruising and some tiny needle marks. However, these signs will resolve themselves within a few days of treatment.